Auto Transformers (Atlantic Transformers)

Nowadays, with the ease of international travel, companies are able to post staff abroad for long periods and families are re-establishing themselves, often bringing with them all their domestic appliances and equipment. Problems arise when they come to ‘plug in’ to the mains in the UK and Europe. USA supply is 120V, 60Hz and Japan is between 100V, 50Hz and 105V 60Hz. (Source: BSI World Electricity Supplies).

The Atlantic range of portable transformers have an output that is suitable for all appliances from the USA and Japan with the exception of some frequency dependent items, for example clocks. Auto transformers are suitable for the higher power levels, (e.g. refrigerators, skillets) and are lighter and cheaper.

Price list: Atlantic Prices Jan23

Step-down Auto Transformers
Step-up Auto Transformers

Step-down Auto Transformers

240V Step-down to 100V or 115V to allow use of most USA appliances and machines.

Rating (Watts) Construction Order Code Outlets Weight (kg)
100 PLUG CASE PAA/100/1 1 1.0
500 SHROUDED SAA/500/1 1 4.0
550 CASED MAA/550/1 2 6.0
1000 OPEN OAA/1000/- 7.0
1000 SHROUDED SAA/1000/1 1 7.0
1000 CASED MAA/1000/2 2 8.0
2000 CASED MAA/2000/2 2 10.0

Step-up Auto Transformers

New to our range for 2001 is the TAA autotransformer. Built around the same tried and tested enclosure as the MAA and MAI, the TAA provides the correct voltage for European equipment when used in the USA. As with the MAA most appliances can be used with the exception of frequency dependent items. The unit has the same over-current protection and illuminated switch. Three power ratings are available in the TAA range, all are fitted with a standard UK 13A mains outlet and a 3 pin US plug lead.

NOTE: The TAA is intended for use only in the USA or countries with equivalent power outlets.

115V Step-up to 230V to allow the use of most European appliances in the USA.

Rating (Watts) Construction Order Code Outlets Weight (kg)
200 CASED TAA/200/1 1 4.5
500 CASED TAA/500/1 1 6.5
1000 CASED TAA/1000/1 1 8.5
1800 CASED TAA/1800/1 1 10.0

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