High Voltage Calibration & Testing

The Patterson Test Instrument division of BCET maintains traceable high voltage standards to calibrate its range of test instruments. The calibration facility is also available as a service to customers.

Two sets of precision modular stacking high voltage dividers are used which can be cross referenced against each other to ensure stability of calibration. These dividers are regularly calibrated at a UKAS certified laboratory to provide traceability to National Standards.

In-house high voltage AC and DC sources are available for calibrating high voltage voltmeters. These sources enable direct calibration up to 30kVac and 60kVac. Accuracy of calibration is +/- 1.5% for ac and 1.0% for dc. Calibration measurements on customers’ high voltage generators can be provided up to 100kVac and 240kVdc using a precision portable digital voltmeter with a high stability stackable modular divider. Testing of customers’ products to specified standards can be carried out using the in-house high voltage sources.

We are committed to producing high quality precision machined components for sectors including:


Marine Isolators


Coils & Windings

Battery Chargers

Test Instruments

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