Specialist design & manufacturing services

B.C. Electrical can custom design & manufacture any transformer or reactor to your specific requirements. For many of our customers, we have been able to go beyond this and offer a finished product, or research & develop an innovative solution to a highly technical problem.

HT Transformers

High Voltage Transformers filled with petroleum jelly, developed for use in the Corona Treatment industry.

Over Current Cut-Out for yachts

Designed for use on yachts with a motorised sail furling mechanism, this device prevents the motor from tearing the sail if it should become jammed during furling.

The device cuts the power if the motor meets resistance, and allows the power to be re-applied as soon as the jam is cleared.

All this can be done using a remote switch within reach of the helm, saving a member of crew from having to go below decks during unexpected changes or rapid deterioration in weather conditions.

We are committed to producing high quality precision machined components for sectors including:


Marine Isolators


Coils & Windings

Battery Chargers

Test Instruments

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